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Scott Kashino Obituary – Death : Scott Kashino Cause of Death

Scott Kashino Obituary – Cause Of Death : What Happened to Scott Kashino

Scott Kashino Obituary – Death : Scott Kashino Cause of Death

Scott Kashino Obituary – Death : In the loving memory of an Ex Detective of Town of Hamburg Police, our hearts are breaking as we regretfully inform you that Scott Kashino , a beloved and loyal friend, has passed away.

A unique soul with a great personality who has an amazing sense of humor, diligent and caring.

Had always brought light to every room entered, impacting in the life of people with the continues show of kindness, positive aura and good gesture and will be dearly missed by family, friends, and everyone.

More so, it is consoling to know that he will forever live in our hearts and as such enable us all stay strong while we see past this cloud of grey.

Scott Kashino Cause Of Death: Scott Kashino Obituary

Our beloved Scott Kashino, Retired Detective Sergeant of Town of Hamburg Police, has unexpectedly passed away.


Cause of death:

Details of the circumstance surrounding our beloved, his death is not public yet, we will share more as we learn.


His obituary is not public at the time, we will share more as we learn about the obituary and the funeral arrangements.

A life so beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. Please join us to mourn the passing of a truly an amazing person.

Though our words can do little, we hope our thoughts and prayers will encourage you this period and always as you mourn, the passing soul.

May you find comfort knowing that life continues forever in heaven even as the memories shared will live forever within us and continue to beat in our hearts.

Here are Heartfelt messages from people on social media:

There are those who are just so good at being good. The gentle giants. The kind souls. They check in on you. They find ways to help. They are the ones who, when hearing of someone in distress or in need of some help, some way, organize the fundraisers and show up on the doorstep of those struggling. That was Scott Kashino.
God, we need their help in repairing the world. Are they needed even more there? But why? Our hearts break time and again when we can’t ultimately help the ones who were there for so many. Who were there for us. We need them here. Why do you always take the good ones?
The community that I am proud to call home lost a really, really good one in Scott. And I do mean this community. Nearly all are impacted because nearly everyone knew him, and only in the greatest of ways. All are hurting for and with his wife and son, who equally represent all that was good in him. I know there is a special little angel waiting to hug her daddy once more, and maybe that brings some peace.
God, we could have used him here a bit longer. But if you really needed him, his loved ones, his many friends eagerly await bearing witness to the magic he will most certainly work with you.


As we mourn this loss together, let us remain thankful for the lives of everyone around us, ranging from our family members, friends, partners, colleagues etc.

Remember to hug the ones we love a little harder every day.

Our deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers are with the family, friends and everyone in grief.

We encourage you all to respect the dead and accord the family heartbroken with the loss of a cherished one, some privacy as you leave a message in the comment session.

Presentation of flower bouquets is a special way of showing compassion, expressing love, respect, sympathy and biding farewell to the deceased.

They are also a means of showing support to the family and sharing the burden of grief to indicate that you’re thinking of them and their loss, as the bright colours reflect the personality of the passed loved one. Hence, you can directly shop your flowers here on Amazon

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